Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yard Work

Today I  sat in the window and watched my Mom do Yard Work.
She said I did a very good job watching over her .
She says I am  very good at catching little things   and chasing things, so I could be helpful in the yard. But then she said I am about the same  size of a leaf .. does that mean I can do it or not ?

She said she wished we had flowers in the house.
She said Daddy used to bring her flowers every week.

She was pretty tired this evening, it was a lot of work.
I am pretty tired too, it was a lot of work, sitting in the window and keeping an eye on her.

She sat on the sofa with a nice big blanket and snuggled with me while she watched some television show with Dragons in it !
Dragons. I wonder if they have them here, in New York. I have to ask my Mom.


  1. Hello:

    To know what is happening here and to see new posts, is it possible to introduce Followers?

  2. Minette got her computer skills going and we now have a Followers list !


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