Saturday, November 3, 2018

Snark Snark

I am going to be working on Not being so sarcastic. My husband used to laugh at me when I said something snarky,  I knew he would laugh, so I did it often.  We never meant to be mocking or mean, we just ( only to each other) would make a comment and it was aimed at making the other laugh..

Lately I have been snarky online, to people who have never actually spoken to me or listened to me and I on the other hand, have forgotten this fact .... and so I will throw out a little snark ... a quip .. to make someone laugh.
And I end up being insulted or having insulted someone who took it the wrong way.

So as of today, I will try not to be sarcastic .. snarky .. and assume that whoever is reading my blog .. yes, all 3 of you ... joke ! joke !!  will laugh and not be offended.

So please, if I have been offensive to someone who read what I wrote but didn't hear me say it or know how I meant it ... I apologize ..

Now I am showered , blown out, made up and ready to go to Publix.
My days can't get much more exciting ..

Happy Weekend Everyone ... 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


I think my sweet Honey girl has an admirer.
He just showed up one day, looking in the door ... at Honey.
They would make a gorgeous couple !!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Cat This 'n That

Honey loves the carpet.
Mama put a rug on top of the crate for me ..

This morning this boy came by our lanai and said hello to me. Mama told him to go away.
But she did say that he had an amazing face. Maybe he will come back and say hello again.

                                                          Mama loves this .