Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Merlin Here

Yes, Merlin here . 
I am a confident cat .. I have no problem with sleeping in a girly pink bed. 
Besides, the bed belongs to a little dog that is sort of smaller than a cat so I'm not afraid .

Mama has had a hard time lately with her blog. 

Someone named Blogger changed things and upset everything and as Mama says, It wasn't broken, they "fixed" it and now nothing works.

I have not seen this thing she calls "they" ... but it would be a good idea if "they" don't visit us for a while.  

The creatures from the woods that come to our back door like mama. I have to keep an eye on her.
Next thing I know, Minette and Honey and I will be sleeping in one room while the little racoon family and that stray cat get the other bedrooms.
Now I am going to see if I can catch some sleep .. before Minette wakes up from her nap .. and jumps on my head .. Minette loves to jump on my head then run . sigh .. young cats these days ...