Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Poor Little Minette

Back and forth, back and forth, carrying a stick that has a string with a felt mouse on the end of it ... wailing.

One would think she was giving birth, going into heat ... she was fixed, those things are not going to happen ... but she is wailing and walking through the house like some tragic little pussycat.

Poor little Minette... she must not have gotten enough sleep last night, so busy walking over mama's head and pouncing on anything that moved under the covers .

Waking up early with a need to sniff mama's ear. Yes, sniff my ear. At 6 am.

Poor little Minette got to go back to bed, in her crate, in the other room and Mama slept some more.

I guess I will go find a new toy , something that will make her smile instead of wail.
What ? you never saw a kitten smile ?

You are missing something .. kitten smiles are the best .. ( well, next to human baby smiles )

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