Thursday, April 3, 2014


My Mom locks me in my room at night so I won't get into trouble.
I don't think I am getting into trouble. Just because I like to keep her desktop clean.
Of everything.
And hide her pens.
And make a lot of noise.
Playing with the pens.
She said I was playing Kitten Hockey.

In the morning Mom takes me out of my room and takes me back to her bed.
Mom likes to snuggle with me.
I like to snuggle with my Mom.
I like to bite her nose too.
She told me No
She let me wash her eyebrows.

Her face is very clean. Especially her eyebrows.

Mom bought me a little cushion bed thing that she put by the glass doors.
The bird feeders are out there.
A zillion birds are out there.
Sometimes Mom comes to check on me.
She said I was so quiet she wanted to be sure I was still here.
Silly Mom.

Now she wants me to get off the computer.
It is her turn.

She brought me a treat.
I love my Mom.

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