Monday, September 19, 2016


Minette might act like a flighty girl sometimes but she can be very serious when she wants to be.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Minette gets sleepy when it is warm and she has been playing all day. Sometimes it just comes over her and there is nothing to do but just go to sleep.. wherever ..

Monday, July 4, 2016

Honey .. by Minette

Her name is Honey.
My grandmama named her Honey because she was so sweet when she was a baby.
She was a little baby , or so Mama says.
I am not convinced.

Grandmama loved Honey a lot.
Just the two of them lived in a little apartment, and they snuggled and were happy together.

But then Grandmamas heart got tired and she went away.
No one wanted Honey.

Mama said I will take her . And she did.
She said she was sorry that she could not tell Merlin and me first but after a while, we decided that we like Honey.
She is quiet , I think she is a little bit sad.
She likes to clean my plate when I am finished with dinner.
She might clean Merlins too.

Mama says Honey is what you would call a Big Girl. 
I call her a Very Big Girl.
I bet she could beat up a dog.
Merlin keeps his mouth shut and pretends he is asleep when she comes around.
I just watch her.
She watches me.
It is fine. Mama can stop worrying now.

                Mama says Honey has beautiful eyes. I guess they are alright. Merlin has blue eyes !
                                          Honey knows where mama keeps the cat food.
                                         Mama says Honey is taking a Cat Nap. Well, yeah.
                                         So that's Honey, my new sister. I guess she is alright.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Big Baby

That's Merlin.
He likes to sleep.
He loves to sleep where mama sleeps.
She said he is a big baby. I agree.
This is my new Sister ... Her name is Honey.
Her mama died. Her mama was my mama's mother.
My mama was very sad .. she still cries sometimes.
Honey and I behave so she won't cry any more.
Merlin is "Magical" ... that is what mama says.
What is magical ? Something that eats and sleeps all the time ?
I asked Honey but she has no clue.
Honey doesn't have many clues anyway.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mama Food

I tasted Mama food and I liked it !!
Mama yelled at me but she laughed.
She said I was going to get sick or fat.

Mama ate this thing that was so good, I ate it when she was not looking.
She yelled at  me but then she laughed.
She said Cats Don't Eat Deviled Eggs.
I did.
I liked it.

I wonder what she is going to make next.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Oshun ..

So Mama told Merlin and I last night , when we were all cuddled in her bed and ready to sleep..that we are moving. We are leaving our house !!!! We are leaving my Windows !!! Merlin and I need our Windows !!!!

She said we will be living somewhere where it won't be so cold ... I like that. Merlin nodded.
She said we will be living somewhere that we can have the windows open .. I like that. Merlin nodded.
She said we will be living somewhere that has all kinds of birds. I like that . Merlin fell asleep.

So Mama says that she is going to find a house where we can get lots of fresh air and be safe.
She also talked about the Oshun ... whatever that is ..

Mama is taking us in the car ... for days !!
We will sleep in hotels.. whatever .. she said we will like it.
As long as Mama is with us, we will like it.

What is an Oshun ??

Saturday, January 30, 2016

My brother, Merlin

This is Merlin, he is my brother. Don't tell him but I love him. He is quiet and nice and he lets me sleep in his bed . I let him sleep in my bed. He smells good too.
Mama was right. She said I would love him.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


We know who knows best when it comes to What to do on a cold winter day ....