Thursday, November 12, 2015

Watching for Chipmunks

The little girl sits in the window every day and watches for her friends the Chipmunks.
I am not sure if they sit outside and watch for her.
It is a nice little peaceful friendship ... Minette inside, the Chipmunks outside.

Merlin just watches her and takes a nap. He is too old for chipmunks.  He would rather take a nap.


  1. How nice Minette enjoys watching her friend chipmunks :-) We have chimpmunks coming by sometimes but not very often. Goro sure loves watching them. Merlin loves napping and he is so sweet! Sweet dreams, Merlin :-)

    1. Minette thinks she is a watch dog / cat. She let me know the men are here that clear away all the leaves. I am being buried in leaves ! cats and all !!


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