Sunday, November 15, 2015

it is a mystery

Mama used to have a dog named Tate.
She says she still misses him.
She says he would have loved me.
Maybe I would have liked him too.
Especially if he likes to nap.

I especially like napping in the sun in the window.
I don't think the dog would fit in the window.

Merlin likes the window.

He likes to take naps too. He is very good at naps.

So am I.

He likes to keep me company at the windows too. Merlin is not a bad friend to have.

He told me some interesting stories. He has had a lot of Adventures !
More than me.
Mama told us we were going on a new Adventure.
I wonder what it will be.
Merlin said he didn't know either.
As mama would say - It is a Mystery.


  1. Tate was such a beautiful dog. I'm sure you could be good friends!
    I hope you all will enjoy your new adventure!

    1. It is always good to have a Travel Buddy. Thank you !

  2. I'm sure you and Merlin would loved Tate and he would have loved you very much! :)

    1. Tate would have definitely loved them, he adored cats. Minette would take a while and Merlin is just happy to be safe and warm and full of good food and kissed often by his mama...he would like Tate ..


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