Monday, October 26, 2015

Old Bones

Mama says it is cold out.
I am warm and toasty in the window.
Merlin sleeps on mamas bed.
Something about his Old Bones.

Mama keeps telling us we are going to have a new home.
I was worried.
Why would she give us away ?
I've been good !
Merlin just sleeps !
What did we do ????
Then she told me about the car ride South.
I have No idea what South is but she is taking us for a ride in the car !
I am not sure I will like that.
HE will be riding with me.
You know ...... Merlin.
I wonder what they have in South.
Is there sunshine in the windows ?
I like napping in the sunshine in the window.
Merlin just likes napping.
South .. I have to find out about this.
Maybe it will help Merlin with his Old Bones.
Then he will play with me.

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