Monday, October 26, 2015

Merlin Takes a Nap

Merlin is a champion Nap taker.
He can wake up in the morning, have a little breakfast and go straight to a nice late morning nap with no fuss at all.
Here and there, all over the house, are little spots for Minette and Merlin to nap in.

Minette prefers my bed or the sofa or her little bed out in the Garden room. It is by the glass doors.
So she can keep one eye on the chipmunks while she naps.
Although, I have seen both eyes closed and heard little snoring sounds but she will never admit to it.

Merlin is heavy.
I pick him up and he is heavy. A large heavy warm , not as boney as he was , bundle of love.
(notice the size of that paw)

Minette is a little bigger, a little heavier but she is still a slim long slinky cat girl.
She is beautiful, all sleek and blue with those yellow eyes.

Merlin is just big and hairy. I love it when I can see his eyes ... pale pale blue .
Today I was getting his dinner ready .. he was all eager, looking up at me, I could see his eyes !
and the tiny tip of a pink tongue ... oh lordy, you know I had to pick him up and snuggle him.
He accepted it but squirmed a little when I had sufficient snuggle time.
He was all ... Moooommmmmmm .... quit it ...... feeeeed meeeee.....

It was such a pretty day today, they were in the warm sun  ... had a nice big dinner .. now they are taking their after dinner naps.
We will watch television and they will take their before bed naps.

Then we will have that little game of Who Sleeps Where Tonight ?
Then we will all sleep ... snug as bugs in my bed.


  1. Merlin sure has big paws! He is such a sweet baby! And Mitenne, sleek and blue with white bib...she must be Goro's twin, haha :-)

  2. Merlin really does have huge feet and it is funny because Minettes feet are tiny. They are such good examples of a boy cat and a girl cat lol

  3. Merlin looks so great there - so comfy!

    Hope you had a great Halloween! Including treats!

    Deb Taylor


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