Saturday, November 3, 2018

Snark Snark

I am going to be working on Not being so sarcastic. My husband used to laugh at me when I said something snarky,  I knew he would laugh, so I did it often.  We never meant to be mocking or mean, we just ( only to each other) would make a comment and it was aimed at making the other laugh..

Lately I have been snarky online, to people who have never actually spoken to me or listened to me and I on the other hand, have forgotten this fact .... and so I will throw out a little snark ... a quip .. to make someone laugh.
And I end up being insulted or having insulted someone who took it the wrong way.

So as of today, I will try not to be sarcastic .. snarky .. and assume that whoever is reading my blog .. yes, all 3 of you ... joke ! joke !!  will laugh and not be offended.

So please, if I have been offensive to someone who read what I wrote but didn't hear me say it or know how I meant it ... I apologize ..

Now I am showered , blown out, made up and ready to go to Publix.
My days can't get much more exciting ..

Happy Weekend Everyone ... 

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