Thursday, October 9, 2014

Minette Wants a Wallabee

And I don't blame her !
Is that cute or what ?

Minette is taking her nap .. she sat by the door and watched the birds having a good time at the feeders that I just filled yesterday. The deer will hear about it and the chipmunks and the feeders will be empty by tonight.

She sleeps on cushions, all over the house. There are cushions just for Minette and there are people cushions that she takes over so tough luck to anyone that thought they were going to sit there.

She is  a bit territorial .. this is Her house and that is Her pillow and Don't Touch Her Dish.

She is still such a baby and so cute and still scratches me all the time and I have to take her to a vet to get her manicure. The vet always says the same thing, she was so good !
When she sees me with the clippers she runs and hides.
If I catch her, she scratches me bloody.
It is worth it to pay the vet . My cat gets a manicure, I do my own. Something isn't right about this.

She isn't getting a Wallabee either.

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