Monday, July 4, 2016

Honey .. by Minette

Her name is Honey.
My grandmama named her Honey because she was so sweet when she was a baby.
She was a little baby , or so Mama says.
I am not convinced.

Grandmama loved Honey a lot.
Just the two of them lived in a little apartment, and they snuggled and were happy together.

But then Grandmamas heart got tired and she went away.
No one wanted Honey.

Mama said I will take her . And she did.
She said she was sorry that she could not tell Merlin and me first but after a while, we decided that we like Honey.
She is quiet , I think she is a little bit sad.
She likes to clean my plate when I am finished with dinner.
She might clean Merlins too.

Mama says Honey is what you would call a Big Girl. 
I call her a Very Big Girl.
I bet she could beat up a dog.
Merlin keeps his mouth shut and pretends he is asleep when she comes around.
I just watch her.
She watches me.
It is fine. Mama can stop worrying now.

                Mama says Honey has beautiful eyes. I guess they are alright. Merlin has blue eyes !
                                          Honey knows where mama keeps the cat food.
                                         Mama says Honey is taking a Cat Nap. Well, yeah.
                                         So that's Honey, my new sister. I guess she is alright.


  1. Honey is such a pretty girl. Glad your mama welcomed her as a family. She does have beautiful eyes, and such cute markings on her face!

  2. She really has a little cat nose but that black spot makes it look big lol


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